Color is an art, as well as a calling. Hilda's intricate understanding of the color wheel, and the interplay between your hair color and your skin tone, helps her find or create the perfect color to enhance your natural beauty.

blonde hair coloring Kathryn Morris Cold Case


Working on films, commercials, and TV shows like NBC's Cold Case, has given Hilda a wide foundation of knowledge to benefit you.  Color correction  should be done so that your hair retains its health and shine. Blonde coloring should be bright, textured, and natural. Brunette hair coloring should be rich and lustrous. If you are in Orange County, CA, or in Studio City, CA, Hilda is your best choice for color.

Hilda is a gifted colorist. Not only does my hair look good when I leave the salon, but it is common for people to ask me if I have just gotten my hair done 6-8 weeks after visiting the salon! I have been trusting her with my hair for almost 20 years. I give her my highest recommendation!”
— Laura Flicker Pescione
hip blonde hair coloring and bangs hair style

organic HAIR colors

Organic colors can limit a client's exposure to any harmful toxins that can be found in regular hair colors. Hilda is a certified Organic Colorist, and offers the option of organic colors for your hair. Her research has led her to a product, and to formula approaches, that give your hair the same coverage, and lustrous color. that regular colors will - minus most of the toxins. Consider giving organic color a try.

beautiful blonde hair color and bangs hair style
I have been following Hilda for almost 15 years and she is amazing! She has helped me go through all my hair color phases, which have ranged from blond to brown to red. She is professional, easy going, and an absolute pleasure to be around. She is truly an artist when it comes to hair.”
— Amanda Gibbons