Balayage is a French word meaning to paint or sweep. It's all the rage in the fashion industry and there are good reasons for that. But because the color is essentially being painted in, pulling it off successfully requires skill and experience. If you're in the Orange County, or Studio City area - you'll be very glad you found yourself in Hilda's chair.

Hilda is a true master at her craft. She is amazing with Balayage color and cuts too. I’ve followed her for 15 years and will continue to. I love hanging out with her when I visit, and I always come out of her salon feeling and looking amazing.
— Michelle A.
Balayage hair coloring and blunt hair cut

Why balayage?

Many ladies like Balayage for the soft look it gives their hair. But also for the gentle way the color grows back in. Remember the natural, sun-kissed color you had when you were a kid? That's what Balayage, done right, can do for you. 

Balayage hair coloring straight hair and Balayage hair coloring curly hair
I was really nervous about Balayage because I heard the wrong person can mess it up. A friend referred me to Hilda and insisted that for color there was no one else in Orange she would trust. I’m glad I listened because my hair is amazing! Thank you Hilda!!
— Karen Silva