The right cut makes all the difference. Hilda has the latest hairstyles, as well as the classics, right at her fingertips. If one of those isn't right for you, then her creative combination will be.

Short hair cut for woman

Go short

A bob can be the perfect hairstyle for summer, or for any season. You can go with the classic bob, or Hilda can give it an original twist!

There is not enough space for me to pay my compliments to Hilda. She is a fantastic and extremely creative hair stylist. She has an extraordinarily modern eye, and always throws her own ideas into the mix. Love her!
— Veronika Bendel
Curly hair style for women

Show off those curls

Accentuate your curls with the right cut. Let them give your hair body and style!

Hilda has masterfully minded my curly locks for 12 years, and I can’t imagine letting any other hairdresser come at me with scissors! Hilda is number one. She was referred to me by fellow curly haired girls who swore by her and they were right - she never goes wrong.
— Rachael Petru

Go Long

Show off those beautiful, luxuriant locks - you'll be the envy of the summer party. And in Southern California, it's always summer!

I love Hilda! She always addresses your individual needs, whether you have long locks, or short hair. She LISTENS to what you have to say, and what you want. I’ve had long and short hair, along with lengths in between, and I have always been very happy with the various styles Hilda’’s given me. They’ve all suited me perfectly.
— Suwon Weaver
medium length hair style for women


Taking your hair below the chin, or down to your shoulders, can accentuate some of your best features.

I had very long hair for years, and I was afraid to cut it. But I knew I wanted a change. Hilda showed me how cutting my hair to just above the shoulders opened up my face, and accentuated my eyes. Sometimes a hair cut really does change your life!
— Heather Soto
hip short hair style for men


Guys got style! Gone are the days when a man's only choice was the corner barbershop. Now guys are going for hip cuts, and even some cool color. Style rules in Orange County and Studio City, and Hilda brings it!

I had to move to NYC for a few years for an acting job. But I still flew back to have Hilda do my hair. When you find the best, its hard to go back to the rest.
— Agustine Welles